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  1. One of the world's most well known Basketball Wives, executive producer Shaunie O'Neal is a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful, confident, ambitious, and compassionate are only a few adjectives that can describe this devoted mother of five, who...  Read More

  2. Evelyn Lozada was born in Brooklyn, raised in the boogie-down Bronx and is always in a New York state of mind. Raised solely by her mother, this Puerto Rican beauty always aspired to break out of her relatively small world and always dreamt of...  Read More

  3. Jennifer "Red Carpet" Williams is no stranger to the highlife having grown up in South Orange, NJ, an upscale suburb just outside of New York City. So it didn't surprise many when she ended up marrying a wealthy and successful professional...  Read More

  4. Tami took her spot on the Basketball Wives team last season and quickly showed she was an impact player. It has been years since Tami Roman left the "Real World" and started living in it. Shortly after the show, Tami met, dated, and married NBA...  Read More

  5. No party in Miami really begins until Suzie Ketcham arrives. Having lived in New Jersey, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and now Miami, Suzie is connected all across the country and is the social butterfly of the basketball wives. She met professional...  Read More

  6. Royce has been in the spotlight nearly her entire life. Born and raised in Orlando loving all things sports, she is a former gymnast, competitive cheerleader, and dancer for professional basketball teams in both Miami and Orlando. She is the...  Read More

  7. Season 3 brings a new addition to the group, and to some she is more than a handful. Wife of retired player and current scout, Speedy Claxton, Meeka is a self-made real estate entrepreneur that specializes in high-end transactions for some of the...  Read More