1. Shaunie O'NealShaunie O'Neal

    The ex-wife of one of the sport's most recognizable players has had no trouble making a name for herself as an entrepreneur, somehow managing to get plenty of mom-time worked in as she tends to her children. The always-outspoken Shaunie graduates from peacemaker to producer this season as she takes on a new challenge this season --- as the powerhouse behind an upcoming musical about the wives of basketball.

  2. Evelyn LozadaEvelyn Lozada

    Feisty Evelyn brings her boogie-down Bronx charm and attitude to everything, but this season, it's her struggle to overcome the media firestorm surrounding an altercation with her husband that takes center court. Raised solely by her mother, this Puerto Rican beauty always aspired to break out of her relatively small world, dreaming of something bigger and better; as the past proprietor of one of Miami's premier high-end shoe stores, Dulce, Evelyn's on to new pursuits this season, including a clothing line.

  3. Tami RomanTami Roman

    Tami Roman's high-profile child support case against her ex may have made plenty of ink this last year, but it's style that's on her mind these days as the brains behind an newly-launched nail polish and lip gloss line. The mother of two and former Real World star continues to deal with her anger issues as she focuses on her personal development and dealing with her mother's bout with liver cancer.

  4. Suzie KetchamSuzie Ketcham

    Suzie Ketcham, the life of every party and well-meaning ex of a prominent player, returns after extensive facial surgery to take on a new challenge --- deciding what to do with her life. Her penchant for gossip and difficulty in keeping secrets have made the past four seasons a treat, but it's a personal tale about how she sustained her jaw injury years ago that will surprise viewers more than any of her slips in confidentiality have.

  5. Tasha MarburyTasha Marbury

    Tasha, joining the circle this season, is a veteran basketball wife whose high-profile husband with one of the sport's most successful players is not without its perils. Between tabloid reports of her husband's alleged infidelities and new battles with a stranger who's taking her on online, she's had her share of trouble recently. She's undoubtedly a dividing presence within the circle, as her high society persona and low tolerance for tomfoolery quickly lead to friction with certain ladies within the group. She's an entrepreneur whose reach has extended from children's clothing to an NYC-based weave salon, and she shows no signs of slowing down.