1. Date: 10/14/13

    During a whirlwind week in London, Evelyn sweats her hastily arranged Fashion Week debut while the group comes together to help Tasha and Suzie squash their beef.

  2. Date: 10/7/13

    Shaunie announces a girls' trip to London Fashion Week that puts Evelyn's clothing line plans into overdrive.

  3. Date: 9/30/13

    Tasha takes Shaunie, Suzie, and Evelyn to task for leaving her birthday party before she could blow out her candles.

  4. Date: 9/23/13

    Tasha's weave bar grand opening proves more hot mess than hot press. Also, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie's early departure from Tasha's birthday party leaves the birthday girl in a bad...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 9/16/13

    Tasha's "headbutting" jokes land her and Suzie in hot water with Evelyn. Also, Shaunie tries her hand at producing a play.

  6. Date: 9/9/13

    Evelyn takes her issues with her ex to the therapist's couch. Also, Tami expresses her displeasure with Shaunie "planting a bad seed" about her with Tasha.

  7. Date: 9/2/13

    The ladies deal with the fallout of Suzie's grilling of Tasha Marbury. Also, Tami raises questions within the group by failing to show for Evelyn's big birthday blowout.

  8. Date: 8/26/13

    Evelyn's friend Tasha Marbury meets the ladies while Suzie and Tami's insatiable curiosity about an old tabloid scandal makes waves.

  9. Date: 8/19/13

    Evelyn takes on the media for the first time after an altercation with her husband. Also, Tami tries to convince her to give the marriage a second chance.