1. Jackie Christie, wife of retired player Doug Christie is a polarizing figure in the world of Basketball Wives. Jackie has spent many seasons in major conflicts with the other wives, but this year, it seems that she may have turned her troublemaker...  Read More

  2. Draya Michele is a controversial beauty with a history of dating players. Currently living with new love Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys, Draya has recently achieved her goal of bringing her young son, Kniko, to Los Angeles. This season,...  Read More

  3. Malaysia Pargo, wife of Charlotte's Jannero Pargo, grew up in Compton, California before meeting her husband at 22. This is the first season that Malaysia won't be traveling with Jannero for basketball season and she's nervous to let him go and...  Read More

  4. Fierce new addition to the group, Brittish Williams is a firecracker! Engaged to oversees basketball superstar, Lorenzo Gordon, Brittish is establishing herself in LA as a businesswoman and a future basketball wife. But this sassy shoe designer...  Read More

  5. Brandi Maxiell, wife of player Jason Maxiell, comes to the group through one of her best girlfriends, Malaysia Pargo. Brandi and her husband have moved their young family to Los Angeles in hopes of conceiving a second child. After recovering from...  Read More

  6. Sundy Carter, a long-time friend of Jackie, starts stirring up trouble from the moment she is introduced to the group. Suffering from one scandal after another, Sundy wishes she could keep her private life private. Unfortunately for her, the...  Read More

  7. Gloria Govan, girlfriend of player Matt Barnes, may be fairly new to Los Angeles, but not to viewers of Basketball Wives or Basketball Wives LA. This season, she's shifted her focus full-tilt to making a go of her burgeoning acting career. Question...  Read More

  8. Laura Govan, sister of Gloria Govan, returns for another season looking fit and fierce. While Govan family ties run strong, she's developed some doubts about how the Hollywood lifestyle may be affecting her relationship with her sister, whom she...  Read More

  9. Popular video vixen, model and longtime friend of Draya, Brooke Bailey joins the scene this season as a new addition to the lineup. This sexy single mom, who's dating a current player, is a straight shooter who takes flack from no one, least of all...  Read More

  10. Kimsha Artest, self-described 'partner' of Ron Artest and mother of three, is proud of her New York (Jamaica, Queens) roots and no fan of living in Los Angeles. After seventeen years with Artest, she's rolled with the punches when it comes to the...  Read More

  11. Imani Showalter, ex-fiancee of player Stephen Jackson and mother of three, has fought hard against being stigmatized since parting ways with her famous ex and isn't shy to confess that she hasn't dated since. A former singer with a New York girl...  Read More