About Behind the Crime Scene: Tupac Shakur

The murder of Tupac Shakur on the Sunset Strip in Las Vegas is one of the most shocking deaths in pop culture history. But news accounts only told part of the story. Behind the headlines, the intimate details of the crime scene were known only to the witnesses and investigators who were there. Only they can answer the ultimate question: What really happened? Behind The Crime Scene: Tupac Shakur puts viewers right in the middle of this sensational and controversial case, from the initial 911 call to the lingering mysteries surrounding the investigation. With expert interviews, true-to-life reenactments and advanced computer graphics, viewers will witness full recreations of the Tupac shooting. They'll tour a virtual crime scene, searching for clues and learning about the science involved in the case: ballistics, fingerprints, trauma surgery techniques and more. You've heard plenty about the shooting of Tupac Shakur over the years. But you've never experienced the story like you will in Behind the Crime Scene.