1. Elgin Charles, touted by many as the "Emperor of Hair", is a visionary impresario whose upscale beauty salon in the heart of Beverly Hills, has become a welcomed mainstay amongst the Cartiers & Pradas of the glitzy Rodeo Dr. shopping district. A...  Read More

  2. Sean Cameron is an outspoken bleached blonde divo from St. Louis, Missouri. Sean has always known he was bound for greatness, but he didn't discover hair styling until the age of 26. In only a few short years, his skills and personality rocketed...  Read More

  3. After a successful eight year career in her hometown of Kansas City, Kat moved out to L.A. to work for her idol, Elgin Charles. Being the new girl is never easy: she's having to re-learn every hairstyling skill she knows "The Elgin Way" while...  Read More

  4. Born and raised in Compton, California, Lolita started out as a stylist for R&B bands in the early 80s, and traveled the world a dozen times on tour. She hasn't slowed down since, and she makes it her mission to "represent for the big girls,"...  Read More