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  1. Just days from leaving for Miami for the six-month task of opening his new South Beach location, Elgin still doesn't know who should run Elgin Charles of Beverly Hills while he's gone....  Read Full Summary »


  2. In the midst of making plans for his new salon location in Miami, Elgin gets frustrated when Sean goes AWOL from the salon to pursue his dream of being a singer. Meanwhile Lolita goes on a blind date with a doctor who makes a shocking suggestion about he...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Lolita tries to convince everyone that the used weave her friend sent her belongs to a world famous celebrity. But when a troublesome client gets into it with the stylists, Lolita gets distracted and her "collectible" weave goes missing. And when Elgin fi...  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Episode 8: Pandora's Weave
    1. Sky Ferriera  "Obsession"

    1. Episode 7: New Blood

    1. Leila  "Free Song"

    1. Episode 6: Too Much Infomerical

    1. Yvettte Rovira  "Let's Go Out Tonight"

    1. Episode 4: Hey Hey! It's Jackee

About Beverly Hills Fabulous

  1. Welcome to the outrageous world of the Elgin Charles Salon, where the raucous gossip of the black beauty shop meets the glitz of Beverly Hills. Located just off of Rodeo Dr., Elgin's salon has been a magnet for a who's who of celeb clientele. And now our skilled stylist is taking his brand to the next level and won't stop until "Elgin Charles" is a household name!

    Here's the problem: when you're Elgin,finding time to get anything done is next to impossible. Between keeping his clients happy, meeting with distributors for his product line, and raising his teenage son, Frank, Elgin barely has time to breathe. So if the self-proclaimed, "Emperor of Hair," is going to realize his dreams, he'll have to rely on the three talented but high-maintenance stylists who make up his staff.

    There's Sean, the opinionated rising star who's determined to run his own shop someday; Lolita, the Compton native whose sense of humor is as twisted as her weaves; and Katrina, the new girl from Kansas, who's desperate to land a celebrity client.

    When they venture out of the salon, Elgin and the crew will hit Beverly Hills boutiques and restaurants with abandon, living lives that are as glamorous as their clients'!

    Over the last twenty years, Elgin Charles has done and seen it all in the hair business. His quest to create a hair empire will take him into uncharted waters, with surprises that are shocking, hilarious, and always -- Fabulous!

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