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    • 8/28/12


  1. Ang expands her growing empire with the grand opening of her beauty salon, "BIG ANG'S SECRETS." Even though Ang and Neil are already married, Ang reveals that they never got engaged. She gives Neil an ultimatum-- she wants a diamond engagement ring or th...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Big Ang wants the Drunken Monkey to be mobbed seven nights a week, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been slow. After her "Wigged Out Wednesday" promotion flops, she comes up with "TuesGays," a gay night where she'll pack the bar with go-go boys and drag q...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Neil finally comes through with a present for Big Ang's birthday: he plans to get a tattoo. Of Ang. Naked. So Ang poses for her first nude photo shoot and insists that Neil can't see the image until its already tattooed on his body -- assuming he actuall...  Read Full Summary »


About Big Ang

  1. "Big Ang" will give viewers a glimpse into the life of one of reality TV's most over-the-top and loveable characters. VH1 tags along as she hangs out with her family and friends, spends time at her increasingly popular Staten Island bar, The Drunken Monkey, and even hangs out with -- 'da wise guys.' And yes, her longtime friends from the original "Mob Wives" series will visit from time to time as will her cuddly canine sidekick, Lil' Louis.

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