• CeaserCast Member

    Ceaser is the owner and creator of the Black Ink brand. Born and raised in the Bronx, Ceaser's desire to better his life for himself and his daughter, Cheyenne, outweighed the pull of the streets…and in a twist of fate, Black Ink was born. With two shops in Harlem but hungry for greater success, Ceaser is set on turning his business into an empire.  He is expanding his reach outside of New York into booming, glittery Atlanta, where a giant new Black Ink Crew serves a growing list of celebrity clients.  

  • SkyCast Member

    Sky is the former "Queen of the Mixxxys," and Black Ink's quick-witted and fiery receptionist. Born and raised in Harlem, Sky brings the "real" to the shop. Her former fling with Ted has since fizzled out, but they remain close friends and work alongside one another at Black Ink. Sky isn't afraid to speak the truth, and though her mouth is what sometimes causes her trouble, you can always be sure that what Sky brings to the table is genuine.Though she has spent the better part of the last year working on improving herself both inside and out, Sky continues to challenge herself to become a better woman and aspires to climb the Black Ink ladder.  With a new position to manage and demons to face, Sky remains funny and dramatic-  and always unpredictable.

  • DonnaCast Member

    Donna's dream was always to work at Black Ink.  This Cleveland-born girl packed her bags, said goodbye to the Midwest -- and her twin sister -- and worked her way into Black Ink as an apprentice with hopes of eventually landing the coveted job of tattoo artist.

    It's a rocky road to maturity for this 25-year-old. After working her feminine charms on many men (and women) at Black Ink, Donna has finally been accepted by Ceaser as part of the Black Ink Family.  But she's going to have to fight harder to gain his respect, as well as respect for herself both as an artist and a woman.

    After months of abuse, Donna is trying to put her destructive relationship with her jailhouse ex-fiancé Max behind her, so that she can focus her love and attention on her new boo Moe.  But Max isn't making it easy.  His violent sisters and potential early parole loom over every step towards a better life she takes.  Not to mention that sexy new receptionist Jada Blue, who's got her questioning whether she's really a one-partner type of girl.

  • TedCast Member

    Ted, born and raised in the Bronx, first came to Black Ink when he was trying to distance himself from life on the streets. Since then, he has always kept an eye out for his cousin, Ceaser.

    Ted has a troubled relationship with his absent father, but is close with his mother, who encourages him to maintain a relationship with his incarcerated brothers.

    Ted's role at 113th has grown to manager but he continually butts heads with Ceaser over how the shop is run. Despite his short-lived romance with Sky, the two remain close, but Ted's lack of managerial skills continues to test their friendship.

  • WaltCast Member

    Walt brings the comedy to the daily routine at the shop. Walt has been a mainstay at Black Ink from the very beginning, and has since continued to prove his loyalty to Black Ink.

    Though often caught in the middle of the many shop feuds, Walt attempts to keep the peace between his friends.  He has come a long way since his rough childhood growing up in the Bronx. A father of three, Walt aims to give his children the childhood that he never had.

    When he's not holding it down at Black Ink, Walt spends his time mastering his passion…photography.

  • MelodyCast Member

    Born and raised in Tampa, FL, Melody moved to New York 4 years ago to fulfill her dream of being a successful artist in NYC.

    Melody's eclectic personality draws in all sorts of clients, everyone from drag queens to your everyday girl next door.  

    While her artistic style is realistic, her tattoos often express spiritual themes that serve as sources of strength for her clients. Melody brings a fresh positive outlook to the crew, and isn't afraid to say what everyone else is thinking.

  • Young BaeCast Member
    Young Bae

    Young Bae moved to New York City in 2007, leaving behind an abusive father and a difficult home life in Seoul, South Korea. With only 73 dollars to her name, she made ends meet by taking any job that came her way—and eventually used her street smarts and charm to land a job as a tattoo artist, despite never having tattooed in her life!

    Many unwittingly underestimate Young Bae, but they quickly learn that she is not to be messed with. She's vivacious, vocal and has the talent to back it up.

  • O'S**t/RichardCast Member

    One thing's for sure, wherever the artist formerly known as O' S**t goes, trouble is sure to follow. Whether breaking up fights with his baby mamas, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, O'S**t's life is always interesting.

    Born in the Bronx and raised in New York and South Carolina, O' S**t is a former college athlete, who tore his ACL early in his college sports career. His injury ended his football career and he turned to his love of artwork. For O' S**t, tattooing is all about the art. He has been by Ceaser's side since the beginning, as a co-worker, and as a friend.

    O' S**t's struggle with substance abuse has been a tough one for him, but after getting sober in California and meeting the love of his life there, Nikki, O'S**t has a new outlook on life and a new name—Richard.

  • Miss KittyCast Member
    Miss Kitty

    Miss Kitty is Ceaser's Brand Ambassador for the Black Ink shop on 125th. This DC native is more than just a pretty face; she is a refined socialite and uses her superb social skills to bring in the high-end and celebrity clientele. Still, don't let her polished facade fool you. Miss Kitty isn't afraid to tell it like it is—and when things don't go her way, she has a hard time biting her tongue.

  • KevinCast Member

    Raised in Dallas Texas, Kevin recently moved to New York to fulfill a lifetime goal of being a tattoo artist in NYC. With five brothers and sisters, Kevin always looked for ways to stand out. In high school, Kevin made his clothes to separate himself from the crowd and eventually enrolled at the Art Institute in Dallas where he majored in fashion design but left the program when a friend of his asked him to give him a tattoo one night, and after that, Kevin never looked back.

    Kevin brings a fresh swag to Black Ink with his signature photorealism style and loves the tattoo medium because his clients "wear" his art. Don't confuse Kevin's southwest charm for being slow-paced because Kevin is always ready to turn up and join the party!

  • AlexCast Member

    Alex, aka the Vagina Slayer, is one of the best tattoo artists in Brooklyn. He works hard, and plays even harder, but sometimes his partying ways get the best of him. The Vagina Slayer is an ink star, and enjoys his celeb status on the streets and in the clubs. He loves to have a good time, and brings the party with him wherever he goes. He may be great at his job, but he's easily distracted, especially when there are other women around.

  • Jadah BlueCast Member
    Jadah Blue

    Jadah Blue is the life of the party, but cross her the wrong way, and she will put up a fight- after all, she is a former boxer.

    When Jadah enters a room, she has heads turning, and by the time she leaves, without a doubt everyone knows who she is.

    Jadah has a spitfire personality, and is quick to put everyone in their place. Don't mess with this firecracker, she has no shame confronting anyone who gives her attitude.

  • DutchessCast Member

    Dutchess is a Southern Belle, a Daddy's girl, and a force to be reckoned with. Since graduating at the top of her class and earning a business degree, Dutchess has been taking the world by storm. Whether it's a modeling gig in Paris, or tattooing celebrity clientele, Dutchess always has her eye on the prize.


    Dutchess is engaged to Black Ink boss Ceaser, she recently made some boss moves of her own by opening the tattoo shop, Pretty in Ink, in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Splitting time between North Carolina and New York has been challenging for Dutchess, but she's committed to making it—and her relationship—work.

  • Tiffany PerezCast Member
    Tiffany Perez

    Season 5

    Tiffany Perez was born and raised in Patterson, NJ and started tattooing at the age of 21 after her father bought her a tattoo gun for her birthday. Dutchess prevented Tiffany from previously working at Black Ink, but now she's back and ready to prove she deserves to be on staff.

    Having worked for many years in the male-dominated tattoo industry, Tiffany has learned how to go after what she wants and isn't afraid to go toe to toe with the guys in the shop—or the females in the shop, for that matter.

  • PumaCast Member

    Seasons 1-4

    Puma is Black Ink's ex-PR guy and Ceaser's greatest rival. After leaving Black Ink, Puma opened a rival tattoo shop on the other side of Harlem. This "betrayal" cost his friendship with Ceaser, and the two have never quite moved past it.

    After a rough year, Puma is on the up and up. Though 124 has since closed down, Puma is reopening a new shop, "Art2Ink." With new artists and a new location in Harlem, Art2Ink is set to be Puma's most successful venture yet.

    Puma and his wife are the proud parents of three-year-old Tamia, who is the apple of Puma's eye. Though Puma's childhood wasn't always easy, he wants to give the world to Tamia, who is, through and through, a daddy's girl.

  • SassyCast Member

    Seasons 1-4

    Born and raised down the block from Black Ink, Sassy is a neighborhood girl who walks the walk, and talks the talk. Whether it is modeling for Urban Ink Magazine, or helping out backstage at a fashion show, Sassy's style and magnetic energy draw people her way.

    Sassy quit Black Ink a while back, and though she tried to remain neutral, her loyalty lies with Puma. Sassy made the move with Puma over to Art2Ink, and has continued to play a role in the development of the new business, as their Manager.

  • QuaniCast Member

    Seasons 1-4

    Quani is Puma's wife. Quani recently returned to New York City, after a few months away in Atlanta, where she went to get a break from the drama surrounding her and Puma's lives in New York. Since the opening of Art2Ink, Quani and their three-year old daughter, Tamia, have moved back to be with Puma and to support him as he embarks on his new adventure.

    Quani has become a career woman, and spends her time juggling motherhood and a full time job. Quani's mother, Denise, is a huge part of their lives. She and Puma have overcome their differences and now work together to help care for Puma while Quani is at work.

  • KathieCast Member

    Seasons 1-4

    A Domincan-American raised in the Bronx, Kathie is a writer, painter and advocate for meditation and self-enlightenment. She is dedicated to her son, Achilles and is unafraid to stand up to Achilles' father, O'Sh*t to make sure he keeps up with his daddy duties. Kathie is currently teaching self-awareness and healing through various eastern spirituality practices such as meditation, yoga and the manifestation of intention.

  • NaeemCast Member

    Season 4

    Naeem is one of Puma's new artists at Art2Ink. A veteran in the tattoo world, Naeem's reputation proceeds him. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Naeem specializes in realism and portraits.

    Naeem is close friends with Puma's other new artist, Phoenix, and despite the rivalry between Art2Ink and Black Ink, Naeem and Phoenix maintain a good relationship with the Black Ink Crew as well.

    Naeem has an 8 month old daughter with his girlfriend, Alexis. His daughter changed his life, and now all of Naeem's focus is on providing a better life for his child. Naeem is dedicated to his craft and strives to be the best tattoo artist in the game.

  • PhoenixCast Member

    Season 4

    Phoenix is one of Art2Ink's new artists. Raised in the streets of Brooklyn, Phoenix had a rough childhood, constantly moving from home to home. Despite his tumultuous past, Phoenix was inspired to pursue a more legit career in tattooing after the birth of his daughter. Phoenix is a great father to five children…three girls and two boys. He aims to show them the childhood he never had.

    Phoenix is laid back and easy-going. He and Naeem have known one another for five years. Before coming to Art2Ink, Phoenix worked at a shop called Inktastic in Brooklyn. Phoenix has had to overcome several obstacles throughout his life but he continues to persevere and work towards the best life for him and his family.

  • AlexCast Member

    Seasons 1 + 2

    As the former receptionist of Black Ink, Alex brought that "fire" to the shop. This little firecracker is of Dominica decent and is proud of it, as she has "Dominican Blood" tattooed across her chest.

    Alex has an opinion about everything which is why she and Ceaser were constantly butting heads when it came to Alex's strong artistic opinions.

    As a side hustle, Alex models in various publications and has graced the cover of both Inked and Urban Ink.