About The Show

Black Ink Crew

Enter the world of the "Black Ink Crew" and meet the girls and guys that run the only black-owned and operated tattoo parlor in the heart of Harlem at 113th St. and Lennox Ave. Viewers will see their favorite tattoo crew, along with some new faces, as they embark on new journeys and business endeavors, solidify their realtionships and expand the Black Ink brand. Settling into his throne as the King of Harlem, Ceaser expands his tattoo legacy by opening a brand new Black Ink shop at 125th Street in Harlem. Dutchess is working hard to move past the drama and focus on her business. With a new body and a new attitdue, Sky is stronger and hotter than ever, gunning for a prmotion and playing the field in the dating world. O'S**t (who now goes by "Richard") is a new man, sober as can be, with a new wife and new life. Meanwhile. Donna's wedding bliss was short lived, and after a dress burning ceremony and a rumble wit Max's baby mama, Donna decideds to star over by moving in with Sky.