About The Show

All hail, Ceaser! The new King of Harlem has finally taken his throne in the tattoo world. With the grand opening of Ceaser's new shop on 125th, his dream has finally come true. The shop's fancy décor and high-end clientele (legendary rapper DMX and Three 6 Mafia are clients) is the antithesis of Black Ink 113th. But running an entirely new shop has forced Ceaser to hand over the reins of Black Ink 113th to Teddy…and Teddy's idea of running things includes dubbing the place "Teddy's Playhouse" (females only), complete with a "Boom Boom Room" in the back and a stripper pole out front. Not surprisingly, Teddy's idea of an "all-female" shop soon backfires. The addition of Korean transplant Young Bae, who is still getting used to things in America, and Tiffany Perez, a hot, young artist from New Jersey, causes tensions to run high, and fists start flying when Sky gets fed up with the BS from the new girls.

With a new body and a new attitude, Sky is stronger and hotter than ever, gunning for a promotion, and playing the field in the dating world. But just when you think all of Sky's demons have risen to the surface, another blast from her past walks back into her life. O'S**t  (who now goes by "Richard") is a new man, sober as can be, with a new wife and new life. Meanwhile, Donna's wedded bliss was short lived, and after a dress burning ceremony and a rumble with Max's baby mama, Donna decides to start over by moving in with Sky.

Down in North Carolina, Dutchess is running a successful business, trying to manage a long distance relationship, and attempting to move past all the drama of Black Ink. That is…until Ceaser fires Teddy for his incompetence, and Dutchess is back in full force, running 113th and making all of Teddy's nightmares come true. Ceaser and Dutchess' relationship seems back to normal, until a mistake in Ceaser's past comes to light, and the new life he has built threatens to crumble. Has the day of Ceaser's empire finally arrived, or will his reign of Harlem come to an end?