1. Ceaser is the owner of Black Ink and the boss that everyone loves to hate. He is cocky and arrogant, but underneath it all, he has a big heart. Though Ceaser comes down hard on everyone, he means well. He has a vision for Black Ink and its place in...  Read More

  2. Dutchess is the new girl in the shop, a Southern Belle straight from a little town in North Carolina and right into the mayhem of Black Ink. She is from Lincolnton, North Carolina, graduated 11th in her class, and then went on to obtain a degree in...  Read More

  3. Sassy is sweet, sexy, and fun. She has a tattoo of an AK47 on her back, but the AK47 has no trigger. Sassy keeps the guys in line and keeps the shop from burning down. Whether it is taking appointments, being the peacemaker at the shop, or planning...  Read More

  4. Puma, who got his nickname from his days of doing graffiti growing up in the Bronx, is Black Ink's PR guy, the "face" of the shop. Though Puma has a tendency to party too hard, his big personality pulls clients of all types through the doors of...  Read More

  5. With more than 20 tattoos on his body, O'S**t is the other male tattoo artist in the shop - Cease's friend, prodigy, and rival. Cease claims to have taught O'S**t everything he knows. O'S**t is soft spoken, sensitive, an excellent breakdancer, and a...  Read More

  6. Ted is Ceaser's cousin and considers himself the "Watchdog" of the shop. He's the one guy that can keep Ceaser in line, so the rest of the shop looks to him to help keep Cease's arrogance at bay. He's also quite the undercover ladies man, so much so...  Read More

  7. Walt is one of the shop's unofficial shop managers. He opens the shop, cleans the shop, takes pictures at parties, deals with clients, etc. He is a happy go-lucky guy, and helps to keep the conflicts between the rest of the Black Ink crew in check....  Read More

  8. Sky is the newest addition to Black Ink's colorful crew. The self-proclaimed "Queen of the Mixxxys," is the latest person to take on the role of receptionist. The position has been a revolving door of employees over the last few months, and Ceaser...  Read More