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  1. After being ripped a new one by Sky for his infidelity, Ceaser faces Dutchess for the first time since she kicked him out of the apartment. Dutch proves that bad habits are hard to break when she returns to the shop and offends the crew with her cold beh...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Ceaser meets up with his brother, Ty, at 6 AM outside of Black Ink, and reveals that he is in some big trouble. He got caught red-handed cheating on Dutchess and he needs Ty's help getting his things from her apartment....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Anya accompanies O'S**t to Bronx Criminal Court, where he learns some unsettling information about his case. When Ceaser's family drops by the shop for an unexpected visit, a very emotional Cease flips out on his sister, Tiffany....  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Season 2: Episode 16
    2. Listen
    1. Jaymes Young  "Wondering"

    1. Mateo  "Love Is A Gun"

    1. Season 2: Episode 15

    1. Nabiha  "Ask Yourself"

    1. Diafrix  "Light Will Shine (To Be Me)"

    1. Season 2: Episode 14


About Black Ink Crew

  1. "Black Ink Crew" on VH1 returns for another crazy season of tattoos, "mixxxys", mayhem, and madness. The weather is heating up, and so is the drama inside the doors of Black Ink. The streets of Harlem are crawling with rumors about the growing pains Black Ink is facing with its newfound success. Business is booming and emotions are running high. From baby-mama drama, to chaos inside the courtroom, the Black Ink family faces some major changes.

    Heads will roll when small-town Southern belle, Dutchess, imposes her newfound power at the shop. Puma learns that an engagement ring doesn't solve all of his problems as he struggles to navigate the difficult road to marriage. In the ultimate battle of "Bros Versus Hos," Ceaser searches for the balance between love and business, as Dutchess fights for control of his heart... and his friends fight for their place at Black Ink. O'S**t struggles to mend the pieces of his broken family, while his future as a free man remains in question. Sassy's adamant loyalty to the shop is tested under the Dutchess and Ceaser reign, and she makes a decision that will change Black Ink's future forever. Sky is the newest addition to Black Ink's crew, the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Mixxxys," takes on the role of receptionist.

    When the crew finds themselves in the middle of an internal rift, they are forced to pick sides, causing a crack in the foundation of the Black Ink Family. Does the crew have what it takes to stay together? Find out on this season of VH1's "Black Ink Crew."

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