About Black to the Future

From the people who brought you VH1's highly successful I Love The series comes a celebration of the great riches African Americans have provided American pop culture.
Told from an African American perspective, Black To The Future will give viewers a giant dose of the music, movies, TV shows, products, fashions, fads, trends, scandals and major events that black folks brought to the table from the 70s til now.
From "The Jeffersons" to the Jacksons, Marion Barry to Barry Bonds and the afro to the Jeri curl... we'll revisit it all, whether it was completely def or totally wack. Each hour of this four part special will focus on one decade. And the only white you'll hear about is Barry White!
Just in time for Black History Month, a variety of African American comics, rock stars, actors, and other celebs from the present and past will be celebrating the black experience. They'll address all the major questions of the decade, such as: What was Willis talkin' bout? Are you down with O.P.P? And most important of all: What is Kwanzaa anyway???!!!
So join VH1 for Black to the Future and you'll learn why once you go black, you never go back.
Among the highlights . . .
""Boyz n the Hood" brings in huge audiences despite flying bullets in theatres.
""In Living Color": like "Saturday Night Live," but with dancers and a DJ.
"Babe who? Hank Aaron becomes the new home run king.
"The Jeri-curl becomes a popular high maintenance hairstyle
"Urban kids say well tailored pants are for punks and baggie pants fashion takes over.
"Spike Lee makes movies both black and white people can enjoy equally--well, almost.
"The Harlem Globetrotters become the greatest basketball team on the planet.
"Naomi Campbell: so hot and so mean.
"Lisa Turtle as the token black at Bayside gets stuck with Screech... what's up with that?
"Lil' Wayne predicts the end of the world and helps Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals!
"And of course . . Obama!