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  110  Show Clips  Breaking Bonaduce | Season 1 | Best Moments 10/03/06 
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About Breaking Bonaduce | Season 1

A compelling, offbeat look inside the numerous issues that exist in the relationship between Danny Bonaduce, his wife, Gretchen, and their two children. For the first time ever in non-scripted television, a series will be told through a combination of couples therapy and reality. The Bonaduces will be guided and challenged by their combative therapist, Dr. Garry Corgiatt. Dr. Garry is their sounding board, sparring partner and hopeful conduit to success. However, with the mountain of issues, demons, quirks and phobias that define the Bonaduce's relationship, Dr. Garry will have his work cut out for him!

After being married for fifteen years - (marrying seven hours into their first date,) Danny and Gretchen's story continues to teeter. They have survived addiction, infidelity, celebrity, Danny's "death wish" antics and a myriad of other issues - some relatable to an audience - some merely fascinating from a "train wreck" point of view. Somehow, these two demented soul mates have found one another, and one honestly gets the feeling that without each other they could not survive.