1. Date: 12/17/06

    Danny is convinced that the only thing that can save him is God so he dives head first into the church, leaving all his friends and loved ones to wonder, is this real, or is this desperation. Tune...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 12/10/06

    Danny has reassumed his position as husband and father, and things appear to be quiet and back to normal. However, Gretchen's band is scheduled to play another gig, and discussions resurface...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 11/26/06

    Danny is not happy about being in the guest room and is beginning to go stir crazy in his little cell. At the same time, he knows, ultimately, he's made his bed.

  4. Date: 11/19/06

    Gretchen offers Danny a probationary period back in the house, provided he's willing to stay in their guest room. Danny decides to get in the boxing ring with a heavyweight contender just to...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 11/12/06

    Danny is as frightened as he's ever been that he's going to lose his family because of his behavior. With Gretchen still one step from filing divorce papers, Danny decides his only option...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 11/5/06

    It's Valentine's Day and Danny asks Gretchen to come wih him to Boston to accept the 'Harvard Lampoon's Man of the Year' award. Everything is going well until...

  7. Date: 10/29/06

    Danny's AA group stages an intervention, accusing him of relapse behavior. While his sponsor Jason forces him to take a drug test and refuses to leave his side for 72 hours.

  8. Date: 10/22/06

    At the onset of Season Two, we see the impact that 'Breaking Bonaduce' has had on Danny and Gretchen's lives. In fact, the show is successful enough to get international distribution....Read Full Summary