Ep Type Title Date
  208  Show Clips  A Season of Crisis 12/22/06 
  208  Show Clips  Cross Road Show Clips 12/18/06 
  208  Show Clips  Episode 8 Bonus Clips 12/17/06 
  207  Show Clips  Mother of all Daddies Show Clips 12/11/06 
  207  Show Clips  Episode 7 Bonus Clips 12/10/06 


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About Breaking Bonaduce | Season 2

Danny has attained sobriety but now he and Gretchen are left to deal with the true state of their relationship through newly sober eyes. As Danny transfers his obsessions with substances to an obsession with his wife, Gretchen may just have reached her limit. His jealousy is stronger then ever, his need for physical intimacy seems insatiable and his behavior still has manic tendencies. Dr. Garry Corgiat is back to help the couple navigate this new journey in their marriage and Danny also has the guidance of his friend and mentor, Jason and his psychiatrist, Dr. Kumar.

This season, viewers will get a completely honest and intimate look at how substance abuse affects not only the abuser but their family as well and the individual journey one must take for recovery. Having been to therapists, psychiatrists, group meetings and on prescription medicine, Danny desperately seeks out solace from the one place he had never tried before in hopes of being able to maintain complete sobriety.