Bridal Bootcamp

about Bridal Bootcamp

For most women, the wedding day is a fantasy fulfilled as they walk down the aisle in the perfect gown to marry their Mr. Right. But with American waistlines bursting at the seams, many brides are seeing this fantasy become a nightmare as they try to fit their size 12-frame into a size 6 Vera Wang.

Enter Cynthia "Colonel" Conde, the founder and best selling author of Bridal Bootcamp. Following a national casting/recruitment campaign, the Colonel will enlist ten fiances, divide them into two "Bridal Parties", and bunk them up in a camp designed to turn them into bombshells before their big day and through an emotional journey that will allow them to not just lose the weight for the one day but instead help the brides make a lifestyle change making them healthier and happier!

Once in camp, the women will embark on several "Marital Missions" to lose enough weight to fit into their ideal dress as well as to survive a series of eliminations in hopes of winning the wedding of their dreams.

While at Bridal Bootcamp, they'll live under a strict "Code Of Health" including mandatory workouts and an extremely strict diet. In each episode, the Bridal Parties will endure various challenges with the winning group receiving immunity while the losing party heads to the "Fitting Room" elimination set to face the weigh-in, the Colonel, and possible elimination.

Heading into uncharted waters these women will shed tears along with pounds. On their journey, they will find discipline, self-respect, happiness, and hopefully the beautiful bride trapped inside.