1. Cynthia CondeCynthia Conde

    Cynthia Conde is the host of Bridal Bootcamp on VH1 and founder of the trademarked Bridal Bootcamp fitness program. Conde has worked with thousand of brides throughout the years to help them fit into their dream wedding dress. She is also a strength and conditioning coach working with high school athletes in the New York City area. Conde is also the owner of The Fitness Loft, a concept gym which will open its doors in June 2010. Her gym will include cutting edge fitness programs, like a 5,000 sq foot indoor military boot camp, Hot Room Series (kettle bell training, cycling, yoga, pilates), trapeze, aerial silks, acrobatic pole dancing and Navy Fit Training in Manhasset, Long Island, New York.

    Conde is the author of a best selling book Bridal Bootcamp. The success and popularity of her program has created a niche in the billion dollar fitness industry prompting trainers and gyms across the country to create "wedding boot camps" catering to the fitness conscious bride.

    Conde has traveled to many parts of the globe, including Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Mumbo India and Dubai teaching her training techniques to other fitness facilities worldwide.

    Conde developed her Bridal Bootcamp program in 2001, after taking on a client who had been engaged for two years, but refused to set a wedding date because she was 100 pounds overweight. When considering ways to motivate her bride-to-be with fast results, Conde thought of her older brother, who'd enlisted in the Marines some years earlier. After weeks of boot camp drills and grueling physical training, he returned home 30 pounds lighter -- Looking lean, strong and confident. And so Bridal Bootcamp was born, with a focus on hardcore, military-style training to help women get fit in time for their wedding.

  2. Francesca PetrucciFrancesca Petrucci

    Francesca Petrucci is a New York-based personal trainer and health and fitness consultant. She is dedicated to working with people who share her passion for living a healthy lifestyle. In Petrucci's ten years of training clients one-on-one, she recognized that the common setback was not only a minimal amount of exercise and a poor diet, but lack of motivation. Using herself as a role model, she developed a training method that encourages clients to stay motivated and make good health and fitness a part of their everyday lives.

    Petrucci is a single mother of two sons. After gaining more than 90 pounds during her pregnancy, she successfully regained her physique and confirmed that a women's body does not have to deteriorate after childbirth -- It can become better.

    Petrucci received her personal training certification at Marymount Manhattan Collage. She is a certified instructor in spinning, kickboxing and has completed numerous special population courses. It is her continuing education in health and fitness trends, personal motivation and a good sense of humor that has reinforced the trust that clients have had in her for years.

  3. Steve PfiesterSteve Pfiester

    Steve Pfiester is recognized as one of the top trainers in the country and has helped thousands of people get astonishing results through his Florida-based boot camp. Dubbed 'hunky male trainer' by OK! Magazine, Pfiester first appeared on ABC's summer weight loss reality show, Fat March, and quickly soared to new heights after dedicating his training to intense boot camp style workouts.

    Pfiester's own military experience in the Army combined with his education and fervor for fitness makes him one sought-after boot camp trainer. He motivates his clients with truth and empowers them with knowledge. Whether he is training one-on-one or teaching a packed class of kickboxing, boot camp or power yoga, his passion for fitness is simply contagious.

    Coined "The Dynamic Duo" by global fitness industry leaders, Pfiester and his wife run top-notch fitness facilities in their hometown of Vero Beach, Florida, which have also received national attention in various publications, including Fitness Magazine. After wrapping up Bridal Bootcamp's first season, Pfiester brought home the obstacle course from the set to share with his own members. Now anyone who goes through his program, or attends his weekend retreats, can experience a touch of what the future brides experienced at Bridal Bootcamp.

  4. AmberlyAmberly

    This stunning former model has been bartending for the past six years and hasn't only been serving the carbs. To get ready for her wedding, Amberly is ready to turn in her beer mugs and pick up her running shoes. She is energetic and outgoing, and knows with a little encouragement she can transform herself into the best bride she can be. She might not have to lose as much weight as our other brides, but that doesn't matter to her -- she is not happy with the way she looks and refuses to walk down the aisle as anything less than perfect.

  5. CourtneyCourtney

    Courtney admits to being a drama queen and knows what it's like to be in a competitive atmosphere as she's been a struggling singer since college. While she was in school, she didn't gain the "freshman 15" until she actually reached senior year. Since then, she has not been able to lose that weight and get fit. Courtney has been having a hard time dealing with her weight and planning the wedding because she has been thin most of her life and doesn't know how to handle it.

    Courtney wears her emotions on her sleeve and has been especially emotional lately as her mother does not support her decision to get married. Her mother thinks they are too young and not ready for this big commitment. In Courtney's eyes, she is more than ready mentally, but she needs Bridal Bootcamp to come through and get her ready physically.

  6. JamieJamie

    Jamie is an all-American girl: she's cute with brown hair, and has absolutely no problem knocking people down to make herself feel better. She is fiercely competitive when it comes to going up against other women. The other contestants better watch their backs because most likely, Jamie is talking behind them.

    This self-proclaimed, "wedding day Ugly Betty" is looking to shed those extra pounds and tone up for her wedding. Sadly, Jamie doesn't have help and support in planning her wedding day as her mother passed away when she was a little girl. Her family has never had a lot of money, so to get the wedding she's dreamed of while achieving the body she so badly desires makes her a perfect candidate for Bridal Bootcamp.

  7. KaceyKacey

    Kacey is a California girl with a heart made of gold and a mouth like a sailor. Though she may not be the heaviest one of the bunch, she desperately wants to lose her "muffin top" hips and her "gigantic" rear. Kacey isn't a fighter -- she's more strategic when it comes to competition. Kacey plans to break people down mentally for her to get ahead physically.

    Kacey has never been the emotional girl, but now it seems that anything involving her wedding makes her cry at the drop of a hat. Being a student teacher, the ability to fund the wedding of her dreams is not something she is able to do. With her determination to win and her unique competitive skills, Kacey will blow you away by how badly she wants this.

  8. KelleyKelley

    Kelley is the kind of girl that America will fall in love with. She loves to stay upbeat, is always outgoing, and has no problem telling it like it is. This full-time student is on the verge of graduating from Middle Tennessee University. When it comes to being competitive, Kelley goes for things that she wants and makes sure she gets them. Kelley's main concern is that she has found her perfect wedding dress, however it is slim and formfitting and her size 10 body isn't complemented by it.

  9. LaurenLauren

    As a self-employed hairdresser, Lauren has worked with many picture perfect brides who serve as a constant reminder of the bride she'd like to be. Lauren believes she can lose weight through learning about diet and exercise, and hopefully lose those "jiggly" arms, big belly and the big breasts along the way.

    Lauren's financial situation has placed a roadblock on her wedding plans. Her parents believe her sister's college tuition is more important than her wedding. As a result, Lauren's fiance works two jobs just to get by. However, Lauren's bubbly personality and energetic attitude have helped her get past any setbacks that have come her way.

  10. MelissaMelissa

    Melissa is an animated little firecracker that's ready to lose weight and win. She's sarcastic and loves goofing around, but when put up against a wall, she's extremely competitive. This former athlete can't believe a person her size could weigh so much and still be able to do cartwheels! Melissa has gained weight over the past few years and is just not motivated enough to get to the gym. Ironically, her fiance is a personal trainer and he can't even get her to work out!

    Melissa might not be inspired to go to the gym, but she is more than ready to figure out another way to lose weight, because at this point, she has no choice! She is so determined she went out and bought her wedding dress two sizes too small in hopes of that being the motivational key to lose the weight. It seems that Bridal Bootcamp came at just the right time to help her fit into her dream wedding dress.

  11. TaraTara

    Tara prides herself on the fact that you can always count on her, but don't even think about trying to tell her what to do -- you'll soon learn you are messing with the wrong person. Even though Tara gives off a "tell it like it is" attitude, there are those few things that really get to her emotional core. Tara is not used to being "the fat girl" -- in high school she was the captain of her high school varsity cheerleading squad, which helped her to stay trim and fit. Well, those days are long gone and Tara now needs the expertise that Bridal Bootcamp can offer.

  12. TeshaTesha

    This one-woman Southern cooking machine says friends describe her as the best macaroni and cheese maker/eater in the world. She has tried diets, but chased them with vacations and buffets and wants a long-term
    change. This mother of three is sick of her fiance and children pinching her love handles whenever she walks by. Their behavior serves as a constant reminder that she needs to lose weight and transform her body so there's nothing left to pinch.

  13. TinaTina

    Tina still can't believe how much weight she has gained from her days of being captain of her cheer squad. Some of her guests at the wedding haven't seen her since her cheering days and she's afraid of what the reaction will be. Her stress comes from the thought of walking down the aisle with all the extra weight. She's hoping Bridal Bootcamp can get her mind off the stress and onto a new body.