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  1.   Willie Aames

    Watch Willie Aames's life completely change as he goes from famous to broke to the person he never knew he had inside.

    Air Date: 11/09/09

  2.   Broke and Famous Show Clips

    Watch highlights from Willie Aames's journey to recover financially.

    Air Date: 11/05/09

Full Episode Summary

As a young star on two of the most popular shows on television, Willie Aames had both wealth and fame, and lived the good life -- he is now faced with the prospect of losing his house, his possessions, and his family, after making a series of bad financial choices and living beyond his means. With no acting roles in sight, Willie is in dire straits with no plan to pull himself out of his situation. Enter Sarano Kelley, a tough, no-nonsense financial guru and life coach who will be tasked with giving Willie the wake-up call he needs and helping him to reshape his financial future...before it's too late.