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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Watch bonus scenes from Brooke's first prom!

    Air Date: 8/31/08

  2.   Episode 7 Show Clips

    After deciding to help out a good cause, Brooke ends up going to her first prom!

    Air Date: 8/31/08

Full Episode Summary

Brooke becomes involved in promoting Becca's Closet, an organization that gives prom dresses to high school seniors who are unable to afford their own. To raise money for the group, she's auctions off herself as a date to the prom. Hulk is proud that his daughter is giving back, but he is a bit nervous about her having a date a high school boy on prom night. On prom night, Brooke finds out she's paired with Eddy, a nerdy nervous date who has stars in his eyes.