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  1.   Episode 9 Bonus Clips

    Check out these extras to see every thing from sexy stripper moves to hilarious outtakes!

    Air Date: 9/21/08

  2.   Episode 9 Show Clips

    An innocent stripper lesson goes sour as Hullk jumps to conclusions

    Air Date: 9/21/08

Full Episode Summary

Brooke and Ashley are looking for new ways to stay in shape and they stumble about Pole Fitness. Brooke convinces Linda to try the class, saying it will help her newly single mom feel sexy. Brooke enjoys the class so much, she decides to buy a pole so she can continue these workouts at home. But some friends take a video of her working out and put it on the Internet. When Hulk hears about the video, he frantically tries to reach Brooke to find out what's going on.