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  1.   Sexiest Moments

    Take a look at these steamy moments to see why Brooke knows sexy!

    Air Date: 10/27/08

  2.   Episode 10 Bonus Clips

    In this weeks extras, Brooke answers some burning questions, plucks Glen's eyebrows, and starts a fire!

    Air Date: 10/05/08

  3.   Episode 10 Show Clips

    Will Brooke put her career on hold and go to college?

    Air Date: 10/05/08

  4.   Hogan Highlights

    Relive your favorite Brooke moments from Hogan Knows Best!

    Air Date: 7/01/08

Full Episode Summary

Brooke is at a crossroads with her music career without a current label, manager or distribution deal. When Ashley thinks about going back to college, Brooke is intrigued and goes with her to visit Florida Atlantic University. She attends a Shakespeare class and meets some football players. But could she ever become a student again?