Ep Type Title Date
  110  Bonus Clips  Sexiest Moments 10/27/08 
  110  Bonus Clips  Episode 10 Bonus Clips 10/05/08 
  110  Show Clips  Episode 10 Show Clips 10/05/08 
  109  Show Clips  Episode 9 Show Clips 9/21/08 
  109  Bonus Clips  Episode 9 Bonus Clips 9/21/08 

About Brooke Knows Best | Season 1

Brooke Hogan, the 19 year old aspiring pop star who wasn't allowed to date or be alone with a boy due to her strict controlling dad Hulk, is embarking on a whole new world with no rules but her own. She's moving out and renting an apartment in Miami. She's beginning an adult life with many new responsibilities, temptations, and opportunities as she tries to build a career as singer.

This show will follow the formerly sheltered six foot blonde bombshell as she deals with the ins and outs of daily life, the new pressure of managing her career without Mom and Dad, her new relationships, and her adjustment to leaving the family safety net.

We'll meet Brooke's new twentysomething family: her friends, her roommates, her fellow dancers and choreographers and her producers, songwriters and business associates. She'll be living in South Beach and will really explore dating for the first time in her life. Other episodes include Brooke considering getting a tattoo, helping her roommate find guys as a "wingwoman," and dating a guy who is into extreme sports.

We'll also watch the rest of the Hogan family and see how they adapt to their baby girl moving out. Every episode will have interaction with one or multiple Hogan family members, whether by visit or phone call. Her parents are undergoing a divorce. Hulk is living back at the family mansion in Clearwater, hosting American Gladiator and exploring other career opportunities. Linda is living in LA, trying to adjust to her new life in the public eye. Nick is coping with the aftermath of a tragic car accident that has left his friend in critical condition.