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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out these bonus clips from Brooke and Ashley's shady boat ride to Glenn's intense ab workout!

    Air Date: 6/21/09

  2.   Creepy Cruise Show Clips

    Check out Brooke and Ashley battling creepy men and some rough waves!

    Air Date: 6/21/09

  3.   Celebrate Father's Day with VH1's Most Awesome Dads!

    Whether they're the "Father of The Year" or just an errant Baby Daddy, celebrate Father's Day with some of VH1's most memorable patriarchal moments.

    Air Date: 6/18/09

Full Episode Summary

Two Miami gentlemen want to pay Ashley and Brooke $20,000 to show up at a yacht party. Ashley is excited for her first ever paid appearance and Brooke finally agrees to go. Once the girls go up to the main deck they realize they're two of only six women onboard and the cruise isn't quite what they expected. What will the girls do?