Ep Type Title Date
  210  Misc.  Brooke's Best Season 2 Moments 8/25/09 
  209  Bonus Clips  Finale Bonus Clips 8/09/09 
  210  Show Clips  Hulk's Surgery Show Clips 8/09/09 
  209  Show Clips  Brooke Goes Green Show Clips 8/02/09 
  209  Bonus Clips  Episode 9 Bonus Clips 8/02/09 


  1. Date: 8/9/09

    While Brooke is preparing for her big comeback at Miami's annual Calle Ocho concert, she gets an unexpected phone call. Hulk is at the emergency room with an injured back. He thinks about...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 8/2/09

    Ashley gets inspired by the green movement and tries to persuade her reluctant roommates to join the cause. But when she starts cutting off Brooke's showers and shutting lights around the...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 7/26/09

    The roommates find a cute stray dog but it's against condo rules to have pets. They can't locate the owner before a preplanned road trip to Key West. Luckily, Hulk happens to be coming...Read Full Summary



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About Brooke Knows Best | Season 2

Last season was all about Brooke turning 19, leaving home and living on her own for the first time. This new season continues to focus on Brooke's new life: her posh Miami pad with best friends and roomies Glenn and Ashley and her hopes for superstardom as a musician.

But this season is also about her broken family and how Brooke is coping. With her various family members having challenges of their own, Brooke has become the rock of the family. Always a daddy's girl, Brooke grows closer with Hulk this season as he grapples with the fallout from his divorce and Nick's car accident. Hulk has a brand new perspective on life and a new girlfriend, introduced on the series. Brooke, in a big role reversal, must make sure the new love interest is worthy of Hulk. Brooke also has to cope with a strained relationship with mother Linda.

Aside from family matters, Brooke and her roommates are all looking for that special someone. In one show, the girls and Glenn (who is gay) all try to walk a mile in each other's shoes by each dating girls. Later in the season, the trio go to Glenn's hometown in Michigan as he confronts old friends and family who now know that he's gay. In another episode, Brooke and Ashley end up stuck at sea after accepting a fee to appear on some rich men's yacht.