• Ben LyonsCast Member
    Ben Lyons

    Ben Lyons is a prominent voice in sports and pop culture working as a host, producer and correspondent on TV, radio, and online. Currently, he can be heard on ESPN-LA and seen hosting live events for Yahoo.

  • Erin FosterCast Member
    Erin Foster

    Erin Foster is an actress and writer. She has written for everything from the popular website Hello Giggles to NBC's critically acclaimed The New Normal.

  • Jamie SchniederCast Member
    Jamie Schnieder

    Jamie Schnieder is a Los Angeles based celebrity stylist whose clients include Eva Mendes, Abigail Breslin and Britney Spears.

  • Katherine PowerCast Member
    Katherine Power

    Katherine is both co-founder and Creative Director for the immensely popular online magazine WhoWhatWear.com as well as Domaine Home and Byrdie.

  • Lionel RichieCast Member
    Lionel Richie

    Father, Singer, Icon…

  • Nicole RichieCast Member
    Nicole Richie

    Nicole Richie is a woman of many talents - a creative director, entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer, actress, fashion icon. She is always willing to share her comedic perspective on her relationships, adulthood, style, and social commentary.

  • Sofia RichieCast Member
    Sofia Richie

    Younger sister to our favorite fashionista, and daughter to a music icon, Sofia Richie is drawing from both worlds to pave her own path as a model and singer-songwriter.