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  1.   Can't Get a Date: Episode 1 After Show

    Check out follow up interviews and outtakes from the first episode and see Morgan slip back into old habits.

    Air Date: 4/08/06

  2.   Can't Get a Date: Morgan

    Meet aspiring toy designer Morgan. When not peeing in a bottle and being a jerk, he's pretty charming.

    Air Date: 2/13/06

Full Episode Summary

Morgan is a toy-maker who's not fun much to be around. He's learning that love's hard to find when you have a grimy wardrobe, a terrible attitude and a jar of urine in your bedroom. Rosy, his mother, can see the sweet man behind the cheap shades and incessant rudeness, unlike the women Morgan attempts to chat up in the park. If Morgan wants to get a date with Jenny Doom, a cute, hip DJ that has caught Morgan's eye, he's going to have to change his attitude, his glasses and his pants.