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  1.   Can't Get a Date: Episode 3 After Show

    See how Jim from episode 3 is doing in the love department 6 months later.

    Air Date: 4/22/06

  2.   Can't Get a Date: Jim

    Check out episode 3 of Can't Get a Date and see if Jim can get him room, body and toes in courtship-shape!

    Air Date: 4/22/06

Full Episode Summary

Jim's a poet with a few problems: he's a bald, overweight guy with a nasty case of toe fungus who still feels compelled to post naked pictures of himself all over the web. As if this wasn't enough to scare potential dates away, Jim also publishes a crush list on his blog listing all the women in which he's interested. In order to win the heart of one of the girls on that list, Jim decides to get himself, and his room, into courtship-shape.