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  1.   Can't Get a Date: Bennet After Show

    Check out extra footage from "Can't Get a Date" and see how Bennet faired down the love road 6 months later.

    Air Date: 5/20/06

  2.   Can't Get a Date: Bennet

    Check out "Can't Get a Date" and meet Bennet. Can he stop wearing pajamas in public and start loving? Watch!

    Air Date: 5/20/06

Full Episode Summary

Bennet's a protester who is politically active, but romantically inactive. To regain the confidence he needs to find love, he's going to have to confront old fears by learning how to swim and ride a bike. Oh, and he should probably stop wearing pajamas in public, too. Will Bennet be able to get rid of his bad clothes and worse habits long enough to get a date?