Full Episode Summary

Okay, let's get something straight. We love celebrities and everything they do, especially when it's extreme. Whether they're dancing extremely, doing extreme workouts or just drinking extreme amounts of coffee, there's always a story to tell...and we have the footage and photos to prove it.

Celebrity Eye Candy: Extreme Behavior brings you the most eye-popping of these extreme clips and photos and packs them all into one fabulous hour of Hollywood the extreme.

No host. No talking heads. Just wall to wall celebs in their natural environment doing what they do best - being extreme and having their picture taken.

This special is narrated by a celebrity-loving voice who occasionally even breaks into song about anything from Lindsay Lohan's extreme partying to Paris Hilton's extreme vanity. Oh yeah...she likes herself, she likes herself a lot.

Topics include:

It's Britney Time, to the Extreme -- Brit's back and this time she's extremely sarcastic.

Extreme Parking Lot Spotlight -- Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst and Jerry Seinfeld in a parking lot. What's the extreme deal with that?

Dude! It's Matthew the Extreme -- You can't spell McConaughey without some of the letters from Extreme...and vice versa.

Extreme Beach Fever -- Is Michelle Rodriguez happy to see us or does she just have some seaweed in her bikini? You decide.

Guess what happens next! -- You think you know celebrities? See if you can guess what they're gonna do next in our random clips. Here's a hint; it's extreme.

Extreme Action Heroes! -- We cast aging action heroes Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwazzenegger and Harrison Ford in an extreme movie trailer. "Extremely extreme!" - NYTIMES

Extreme Fan Report -- Who's more extreme than celebrities? Their cuckoo fans, that's who.

Extreme Celebrity Kindness Report -- When you have so much, you have to give some extreme amounts.

Extreme Club Report -- Vince Vaughn, Andy Milonakis, and Suge Knight like to party one the extreme.

Plus!...Songs about extreme Celebrity Cuteness, celebrities doing some extreme baby strolling, and the sweaty armpits of Steve Carrell.

It's like putting all the extreme bits from your favorite celebrity magazines in a blender, pouring it in a nice tall glass and drinking it for breakfast...only it tastes so much better...and extreme.