Full Episode Summary

Okay, let's get something straight. Celebrities aren't normal. In fact, let's be honest, they're a little weird. And whether they're dancing weirdly, exercising weirdly, or just plain being weird (weirdly), there's always a story to tell...and we have the footage and photos to prove it.

Celebrity Eye Candy: Totally Weird brings you the most eye-popping of these weird clips and photos and packs them all into one fabulously bizarre hour of Hollywood fun.

No host. No talking heads. Just wall to wall celebs in their natural environment doing what they do best -- being weirdos and having their picture taken.

This special is narrated by a celebrity-loving voice who occasionally even breaks into song about anything from Paris's fear of pooing in prison to celebrities taking out their own trash. 'Cause let's face it, celebrities should never have to touch garbage. Ever.

Topics include:

• It's Weird Britney Time -- Oddly generous paparazzo, creepy drive-thru clowns & mysterious falls. All proof that Britney can't leave the house without something super weird going down.

• Dude! It's Matthew McConaughey...Weird Edition -- Okay, who's weirder? Matthew McConnaughey or the nutball he plays in his new movie Surfer Dude? Um...too close to call.

• Weird Parisville -- How do you prepare for jail? If you're Paris Hilton you exercise, avoid giant penises and buy a bible. Makes perfect sense. Think about it.

• Weird Beach Fever -- Two things the sun is good on planet earth and making celebrities act weird.

• Weird Party Patrol -- Celebs partying like its nineteen ninety-weird. Andy Dick rides his bike to a club, Andy Milonakis does some freestyle rapping and napping outside a club, and Mike Tyson dances.

• Weird Workout Report -- Who knew celebrities had to work out to stay in shape? Not us. Weird!!

• Celebrity Eye Candy PSA -- A little message for all those Hollywood starlets who've been weirdly misbehaving lately.

• Random Weird Celeb Moments -- just some randomly weird clips for your amusement...Like Stevie Wonder the photographer, Marey Carey the philosopher and Jerry Seinfeld the giant bumble bee. Crazazy!

• Plus!....Songs about Britney Spears's weird fashion sense, celebrities love of makeshift disguises, imaginary rap battles and weird things that will never ever happen...we hope.

It's like putting all the weird bits from your favorite celebrity magazines in a blender, pouring it in a nice tall glass and drinking it for breakfast...only it tastes so much better and makes you feel, yup, weird.