Full Episode Summary

You know who's filthy? Celebrities. Why? Cause we said so. And whether they're talking filthy, wearing filthy clothes or just showing off their filthy behinds, there's always a story to tell...and we have the footage and photos to prove it.

Celebrity Eye Candy: That's So Filthy brings you the most eye-popping of these filthy clips and photos and packs them all into one fabulously dirty hour of Hollywood fun.

No host. No talking heads. Just wall to wall celebs in their natural environment doing what they do best -- being filthy and having their picture taken.

This special is narrated by a celebrity-loving voice who occasionally even breaks into song about anything from filthy ATMs to how celebs eat their ice cream (in the most filthy way possible, natch.)

Topics include:

•Filthy Britney Time -- Driving with her top off, an impromptu dip in the ocean in her bra and panties & flirting with a paparazzo. All proof that Britney can't leave the house without doing something filthy!

•Filthy Boy Report --What do Jack Nicholson, Dave Navarro and Matthew McConaughey have in common? They're all boys, they're all famous and they're all filthy!

•Filthy Parisville -- How do you celebrate freedom after jail? If you're Paris Hilton you hit the town with mysteriously enormous boobs, pose with your littlest fan and surf...with your top off. Now that's freedom!

•Filthy Beach Fever -- Hayden Panettiere gets poked, Tara Reid and Hilary Duff play with balls and Kim Kardashian shows off her The Sun does funny things to celebs.

•Filthy Mouth Report -- Marc McGrath professes his filthy love for Prince, Mary Carey explains the word "Ho", and Michelle Rodriguez is just plain dirty.

•Celebrity Eye Candy PSA -- A plea for all the recent DUI-ers to get themselves a driver and avoid the hassle of jail. You're rich! Hire a driver!

•Hey Hayden! -- She's growing up so fast...and getting filthier by the minute.

•Random Filthy Celeb Moments -- Shar Jackson shares her pregnancy test with the world (cause who wouldn't?) and Brandon Davis tries to convince us he's not dead. Yeah, right!

•Plus....Songs about the ever fascinating Miss Spears, the best behinds in Hollywood and dirty shirts!

It's like putting all the filthy bits from your favorite celebrity magazines in a blender, pouring it in a nice tall glass and drinking it for breakfast...only it tastes so much better and makes you feel, yup, filthy.