Full Episode Summary

You know who's inappropriate? Celebrities. Why? Cause they can be. And whether they're being unnecessarily cute, incredibly rude, or needlessly affectionate, there's always a story to tell...and we have the footage and photos to prove it.

Celebrity Eye Candy: Oh So Inappropriate brings you the most ridiculous of these eye-popping clips and photos and packs them all into one fabulously unsuitable hour of Hollywood fun.

No host. No talking heads. Just wall to wall celebs in their natural environment doing what they do best -- acting wrong and having their picture taken.

This special is narrated by a celebrity-loving voice who occasionally even breaks into song about everything from the oddly beautiful Zack Efron to celebs' bizarre relationship with the paparazzi (I love you, I hate you! I need you! Leave me alone!).

Topics include:

• Inappropriate Parisville -- The most fascinatingly inappropriate place on Earth: Parisville, population Paris Hilton. Here, Paris sniffs her dogs, a random baby, and then does a sexy dance behind that same random baby. Ah, if only we could live in Parisville too.

• Inappropriate Beach Fever -- Jennifer Aniston shows off her can, Jason Davis gives himself a suntan lotion smiley face and Carmen Electra sits on a man's neck! Sun and sand make celebs craazzy!

• Inappropriate Touching -- David Beckham protects his wife's crotch...with his hand, Jenna Jameson gets her throat poked...with a tongue and David Gest hugs Kimberly Stewart so much it's icky. Bad touch!

• Inappropriately Cute -- What do you get when celebs get together and make it? The most inappropriately cute babies in the whole wide world! Zahara Jolie-Pitt!! Suri Cruise!! Oh my!

• Lindsay Lowdown -- What does a happy Lindsay Lohan in rehab call for? A fake rehab commercial.

• Inappropriate Fans -- Michael Douglas gets attacked by an overly eager French dude, Brad Pitt gets accosted by a nut and Kylie Minogue makes her biggest fan scream.

• Plus....Songs about celebrity DJs, a warning about Hollywood douche bags, and improper cell phone etiquette.

It's like putting all the inappropriate bits from your favorite celebrity magazines in a blender, pouring it in a nice tall glass and drinking it for breakfast...only it tastes so much better and makes you feel, yup, inappropriate.