Full Episode Summary

Remember the good old days, when Paris, Lindsay & Britney were in the news almost every day for fun things like excessive partying, insanely bad driving and just good old fashioned vagina flashing?

We do, and we miss it. A lot.

That's why we've collected the best of these classic "Bimbo" moments and put them together into one outrageously entertaining 30 minute show.

And here's the best part...we made it into a musical. Why? 'Cause sometimes the things Paris, Lindsay and Britney do are so special they just have to be sung about.

Three Bimbos: the Musical will help you understand just how amazingly bimbo-like Paris, Lindsay and Britney can be. You'll laugh, you'll be shocked and you might even sing along.

It's just like watching Cats but better, cause cats don't flash their privates (and really would you want them too? Ugh).

Three Bimbos: the Musical may very well be the best thing that's ever come out of VH1...or the show that finally brings this network down. Either way, you don't wanna miss it.