Full Episode Summary

Ok, people! It's that time of the year again. Time to look back at all the awesome things celebrities did in 2007! Sure, it was a year full of Britney, Paris and Lindsay. But who could forget about man-hunk Matthew McConaughey or the adorable Suri Cruise? And remember all the driving mishaps, the celebrity law breaking and the unnecessary touching? No matter what shenanigans went done this year, we have the footage and photos to prove it.

Celebrity Eye Candy: Best of '07 brings you the most eye-popping clips and photos from this year and packs them all into one ridiculously fabulous hour of Hollywood fun.

No host. No talking heads. Just wall to wall celebs in their natural environment doing what they do best -- acting crazy and having their picture taken.

This special is narrated by a celebrity-lovin' voice who occasionally breaks into song about everything from celebrities flashing their junk to Britney's love of drive-thrus.

Topics include:

• Year in Britney -- What did Brit do this year? Everything. And we show it to you in just 30 seconds! Can you handle it?!

• Year in Helpful Paparazzi -- 2007 was the year the paparazzi gave back to celebrities. Flowers for Lindsay Lohan? Sure. Change for Zac Efron's meter? Leave it to the photogs. But what about when Britney needs her windshield washed, a new CD, gas for her car, and a Frappuccino? The paparazzi are by her side.

• Year in Cute -- What do you get when celebs get together and make it? The cutest babies in the world! Kingston Rossdale! Zahara Jolie-Pitt!! Suri Cruise!! Hello, cuties!

• Year in Paris -- In 2007, Paris partied, went to jail, left jail, went back to jail and partied. Relive her year in half a minute.

• Year in Man-Boobs -- That's right, man-boobs! Check out Mario Lopez's dude rack! Jason Davis' ta-tas! And Kelsey Grammar's boobage! You won't believe your eyes.

• Year in Lindsay -- Linds' year was all about partying! Car crashes! Rehab! Sobriety! And spending a little time in the slammer. Here it is in 30 seconds. And...go!

• Year in Crazy Fans -- This year, Michael Douglas was accosted by a French fan... in France. Brad Pitt got a bear hug by a very excitable fan. And Kylie Minogue met her loudest fan...ever. But you know who had the year's craziest fans? Why, it's Paris Hilton, of course.

• Year in Winehouse -- In 2007, Amy smoked ciggys, made out with her husband, went to rehab and smoked more ciggys. Oh, and she sang some songs. Watch it all in 30 seconds! Go! GO!

• Fresh Meat -- A new batch of celebrities made it big in '07. Welcome to Hollywood, Zac Efron, Hayden Panetierre and Kim Kardashian! You'll never leave. EVER!

• Year in Traffic -- Who said celebrities were good drivers? Nobody. Lindsay Lohan hit someone while going one mile per hour. Ouch! Mischa Barton hit a car because she like, looked away for like, two seconds. But Britney, well, she hit just about everything this year!

• Plus....Songs about Hollywood's bizarre nightlife, soon-to-be-born celebrity babies, celebs' love of sandwiches, the new Hollywood dance craze "The Armpit" and celebrity mug shots. Oh the mug shots!

It's like mixing the best bits and pieces from 2007 in a blender, pouring it in a nice tall glass and drinking it as fast as possible ...only it tastes much better and makes you feel enlightened!