1. Date: 12/12/07

    It's that time of the year again. Time to look back at all the awesome things celebrities did in 2007! Sure, it was a year full of Britney, Paris and Lindsay. But who could forget about...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 1/11/08

    Three Bimbos: the Musical will help you understand just how amazingly bimbo-like Paris, Lindsay and Britney can be. You'll laugh, you'll be shocked and you might even sing along.

  3. Date: 10/12/07

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  4. Date: 8/24/07

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  5. Date: 7/2/07

    Celebrity Eye Candy: Totally Weird brings you the most eye-popping of these weird clips and photos and packs them all into one fabulously bizarre hour of Hollywood fun.

  6. Date: 5/18/07

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    Celebrity Eye Candy: Naughty Girls brings you the most eye-popping of these Naughty clips and photos and packs them all into one raucous, bad behavior-filled hour of Hollywood mischief.

  9. Date: 12/8/06

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