Full Episode Summary

Daniel's Team resorts to dirty tricks and sends baskets of chocolates to Kim Coles. At the weigh in, we see if their efforts of sabotage pay off. While Joe Gannascoli undergoes hypnosis in an effort to finally give up smoking after 30 years. But at the weigh in we discover that in this case, stopping smoking comes with a devastating consequence.

Tensions increase for Ralphie's Angels as the celebrities grow tired of how the Judge is leading her team. And things get worse when Judge Mablean's team loses the second challenge in a row and is accused of having poor communication skills.

At Fit Camp, the celebrities undergo a boxing work out in which Harvey asks the celebrities to imagine the boxing dummy is someone they despise. While Biz Markie chooses George W. Bush as his opponent and Ralphie May pretends the dummy is the cancer that took his father from him, Mia Tyler decides that the boxing dummy represents Harvey.