Full Episode Summary

With Judge and Joe traded to the opposition, friendships collapse when fallout from the team trade leads to a confrontation between Judge and Kim. Ralphie's team serves their punishment for losing the team weigh-in the week before, as our panel of experts checks up on them and spends the night as houseguests. Ant and Kim Coles spend the night spooning; meanwhile Dr. Katz and Joe G spend their night re-enacting a scene from the Odd Couple.

Mia takes her fighting with Harvey to a whole new level when she tells him what she really thinks of him, and then storms off the scales.

Ralphie makes tremendous strides toward his fitness goals when he runs over a mile for the first time in 15 years. But Ralphie gets completely stumped by his numbers at the weigh in.

Judge finally starts seeing big results but the rest of the celebrities are less pleased with their weight loss.

And a speed talking challenge tests both teams' knowledge of Dr. Katz's nutrition plan.