Full Episode Summary

Daniel Baldwin is M.I.A. and the rest of the celebrities are furious at his lack of commitment to Fit Club. The ceremony starts without him and everyone wonders if he'll ever show up or if it's all become too much for him and he's quit the show.

Later, one celebrity is completely devastated by a 5-pound weight gain.

Ralphie pops the big question to his girlfriend Lahna and hopes that since he's making an effort to lose weight, she'll finally agree to marry him.

Joe Gannascoli gambles his progress on a trip to Las Vegas where he falls off the weight loss wagon.

Kim Coles takes stripper lessons to learn how to show off her sexy slimmer body.

Biz Markie gets called out by Dr. Katz for cheating by taking colonics to lose weight.

And an Elementary Olympics team challenge has the celebrities racing in potato sacks, running with eggs and spoons, hopping through hoops and handing off batons as they argue with each other and fight it out to win prizes.