Full Episode Summary

After missing last week's "Fit Club," Daniel Baldwin decides to show up for this week's weigh in. He's welcomed back by some of his castmates but many others seethe silently at his lack of dedication and loyalty. With the end of "Fit Club" fast approaching, Ralphie's team, the Fat Bastards, decides to get a leg up on their competition by heading off to a Utah spa. They hope their stay will help them pull ahead in their weight loss battle. But the plan goes awry when Ralphie misses his flight and Joe G spends the bulk of his time getting pampered.

Later, Tae Bo inventor Billy Blanks pays a visit to Fit Club and puts our celebrites through a vigorous work-out. Joe pulls out to answer a phone call. His teammates, feeling frustrated and resentful, decide to hold an intervention.

In the team tug of war challenge, the teams battle for pride and some fly gym equimpent.

And during the weigh ins, one cast member comes up big with an 11 pound loss.