Full Episode Summary

The final episode of Celebrity Fit Club begins with a trip to an exclusive Hollywood salon, Prive, courtesy of Star Magazine. The makeover and the new clothes will help show off their new and improved bodies. But when they arrive at Fit Camp for the final weigh in, they all fly into a rage when they realize that Daniel Baldwin has failed to show. His teammates are devasted; their chance of winning the competition now severely undermined.

As the weigh-ins begin and we track their final week, we follow Kim on a blind date timed to celebrate her sexy new appearance. She is ecstatic when she gets a look at who she's been paired up with.

Later, the cast is given an eye-opening look at just how much fat they've shed when Dr. Katz brings in some slightly grotesque visual aids.

They are also put to the test in a final fitness assessment and everyone sees a marked improvement from their results of just three months earlier

But what's going on with Daniel? Over the final few weeks his behavior was erratic - he barely made it to an earlier weigh in, arriving at the end of the day looking like a complete wreck. And now this, a no show for the final episode. Well, the Celebrity Fit Club producers finally caught up with Daniel and got the real story; a story both shocking and devastating.

And finally, the two teams weigh in and the final figures are announced. For that winning team, it not only means looking better and being healthy, it also means walking away with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.