1. Willie Aames - ActorWillie Aames - Actor

    Willie Aames gained notoriety as a teen heartthrob in the late 1970's playing Tommy Bradford in Eight is Enough. In the early eighties, he had few roles and struggled with drug addiction until he read John Belushi's biography and decided to mend his ways. Shortly after that, he landed the part of Buddy Lembeck in Charles in Charge, from 1986 to 1990. Born William Upton in Los Angeles, Willie currently lives in Olathe, Kansas (a rural suburb of Kansas City) with his second wife and their daughter. Willie's son, from his first marriage, lives in Costa Mesa, CA. Currently, Willie owns a production studio that produces videos, commercials and TV programs. In addition to producing, Willie has played the title role in Bibleman, a Christian TV show about a superhero who defeats evil with prayer and the sword of truth.

  2. Gary Busey - ActorGary Busey - Actor

    Gary Busey's career has spanned more than 30 years in the film and music industry. Raised in Oklahoma, Gary began his career as a drummer with Willie Nelson before turning to acting. A memorable supporting character in such films as A Star Is Born. Busey then played guitar and performed his own songs as the title role in The Buddy Holly Story, for which he was nominated for an Oscar in 1978. More recently, he has found fame in supporting roles in films such as Lethal Weapon, Under Siege and The Firm.

    Additionally, Gary is no stranger to reality television. In the summer of 2003, Comedy Central's, I'm With Busey, gave the world a taste of his hilarious and often skewed view of the world. Gary has one son, Jake, from his first marriage and has been with his current wife since 1996.

  3. Jackee Harry - ActorJackee Harry - Actor

    Famous for her Emmy winning role as Sandra Clark in the '80's sitcom 227, Jackee Harry became an actress after leaving her job as a high school history teacher. Born in South Carolina, Jackee spent her childhood growing up in New York City. After beginning her career on Broadway, she went from soap operas to primetime most recently starring in Sister, Sister on UPN. Additionally, she has done a few TV movies and one feature film, Ladybugs, with Rodney Dangerfield.

    Jackee divorced her second husband, last year, after seven years of marriage. Elgin, her ex, remains a close friend and he still does her hair.

  4. Victoria Jackson - ComedianVictoria Jackson - Comedian

    Christian comedienne Victoria Jackson is probably best remembered for her role on Saturday Night Live. Mainly known for her high, squeaky voice and the messy pile of blonde curls on top of her head, Victoria has the distinction of being the longest lasting female on the show (1986-1992). A trained gymnast, she performed stand up comedy in Los Angeles before The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson put her act, which included her reciting poetry while doing a handstand, on national television. She has since starred in many TV shows and films.

    A resident of Miami Lakes, Florida, Victoria is married to her high school sweetheart and has two children (one from a previous marriage). She continues to perform stand up and relies on her musical training (she plays piano and ukulele) to fortify her comedy routine. Additionally, she just finished recording an album of children songs and is working on a compilation album of her original music such as, "I am Not a Bimbo" and "Where Do You Draw the Line Between Love and Adultery."

  5. Toccara Jones - ModelToccara Jones - Model

    Plus size model Toccara Jones is no stranger to reality television. America's Next Top Model put Toccara on the map. Fans loved her because she represented the majority of America who is overweight, and she was never shy or apologetic about it. On Top Model, she was elected cover girl of the week four weeks in a row. She has guest starred on a few different shows on UPN and has continued modeling since being eliminated from Top Model.

    Toccara currently lives in New York City. Interestingly, her mother named her after a perfume manufactured by Avon.

  6. Wendy Kaufman - "The Snapple Lady"Wendy Kaufman - "The Snapple Lady"

    Since the early '90's, Wendy Kaufman has been renowned as the face and voice of Snapple. In the original ad campaign Wendy, a Snapple employee at the time, would read letters from consumers and answer their strange questions. She continues to narrate the current campaign and spends the rest of her time answering fan mail from her Snapple fans.

    Additionally, she has appeared in a few movies and television shows including Vegas Vacation. Wendy currently lives in New York City with her husband. She graduated from Syracuse University in 1980 with a dual degree in Sociology and Film.

  7. Jani Lane - MusicianJani Lane - Musician

    Best known as the lead singer of the multi platinum metal band 'Warrant', Jani has sold nearly eight million records, written five top 40 hits, ten top 100 hits and has had five #1 video's on MTV. The band's most famous single "Cherry Pie", was released in September of 1990. Even though the band has been together for the better part last twenty years and has released ten albums, Jani left the band in early 2005 to focus on a solo career.

    Born, John Patrick Oswald and originally hailing from Akron, Ohio, Jani is the youngest of five siblings. He comes from a musical background and plays the guitar, drums, saxophone and piano in addition to singing. Jani has two daughters from two different marriages. He was married to Bobbie Brown in the early `90's and has been with his current wife since 1996.