Full Episode Summary

The eight celebrities arrive at their first weigh-in ceremony, they meet ANT the host, and the panel of experts who include Dr. Ian Smith, Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadapoulos, and Drill Sergeant Harvey Walden IV.

Each celeb gets dunked in a special tank of water that measures their body fat percentage. Then one by one, each celebrity makes their first trip down the catwalk to get a harsh dose of reality - their weight. The panel of experts lay down the law on how much weight they are expected to lose, leaving several celebs in shock with weight loss goals of over 50 pounds in 16 weeks. Toccara seems overcome with joy as Dr. Ian Smith announces her weight at over 200 pounds, while Phil who tops out over 350 pounds is astounded by his weight loss goal of 80 pounds.

But this isn't just about how and what you eat, the celebs also get their first taste of fit camp - otherwise known as Harvey's house. Harvey puts them through the paces, measuring and assessing their physical fitness or lack thereof. From sit-ups and push-ups to a 100 meter dash to rock climbing, Phil is sweating before even getting started and Jackee lets her inner-diva out while Gary and Wendy lock horns for the first time. Jani makes an amazing attempt at conquering his fear of heights, and Toccara lets it all hang out running the 100 meters. The sweat drips, the fat jiggles, faces cringe and tempers flare as Harvey pushes the celebs to the brink of exhaustion - and they're just getting started.

The panel creates two teams: Gary, Willie, Victoria and Wendy versus Jack‚e, Toccara, Phil and Jani. The panel appoints Gary and Jackee as captains. Willie says he has reservations about Gary and Victoria says she feels like she's joined a cult as Gary rattles off the first of many Busey-isms: "TEAM" stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

The battle is on as Gary and Jackee are determined to lead their teams to victory as they will go head to head at future fit camp competitions and also put their fat-burning skills to the test - because the team which loses the most combined weight over the course of 16 weeks will take home the grand prize.