Full Episode Summary

The celebrities return to fit camp with several goals: lose weight and beat the other team. This time Harvey introduces the celebs to a very punishing physical training -- boxing. As the celebs warm up by jumping rope, Gary loses his shorts. The teams don their boxing shorts and gloves as they are shown the ropes of boxing basics - jab, uppercut, and footwork. They work the big bag and the speed bag, all leading up to their individual boxing match with a real middleweight boxer.

As the bell sounds, the punches add up as Victoria conquers her fears of hitting someone, Phil goes ballistic and Gary works himself so hard he can't breathe. Harvey totals the punches and the team with the most wins this week's workout prize. Verbal punches are thrown afterwards as Gary threatens to throw Wendy off the team after she interrupts his prayer.

At the weigh-in ceremony, Gary introduces his team name - the Crunch-a-matics. Jackee introduces her team name as Sizzlin Soul and White Ice. With the names in place, the individuals each step on the scale to find out how much weight they've lost. Faces light up as many exceed their goals. Phil and Willie are just behind Gary with the most weight lost. Gary attributes his success to focus, ambition and discipline, whereas Toccara still struggles with her weight and how much she needs to lose.

As ANT leads the teams to the giant scales, the celebrities take their places to find out which team is ahead. The team losing the most combined weight at the end of the series will win the grand prize.