Full Episode Summary

The eight celebrities arrive at their first weigh-in ceremony, where they meet the host, ANT and the panel of experts: Dr. Ian Smith, Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadapoulos, and Drill Sergeant Harvey Walden, IV.

Each celebrity undergoes a series of tests to determine their overall health and fitness level and then gets dunked in a special tank of water that measures their body fat percentage. Then, one by one, each celebrity makes their first trip down the catwalk to get a harsh dose of reality - their weight. The panel of experts lay down the law on how much weight they are expected to lose, leaving several celebrities in shock with weight loss goals of up to 40 pounds in 100 days.

But this isn't just about how and what you eat, the celebrities also get their first taste of fit camp - otherwise known as Harvey's house. Harvey puts them through the paces, measuring and assessing their physical fitness or lack thereof.

From crunches and push-ups to a 100-meter sprint with hurdles to a long jump, the events give the celebrities a rude awakening regarding their athletic prowess. Bizarre can't catch his breath during the push ups, and Bruce finds that he is unable to compete in many of the days activities. Fit Camp ends with a half-mile run where all of the celebrities find themselves needing to walk for part of the race. At the end of the day a challenge is issued: The team who improves the most in the same events at the end of the season will receive a 10-pound credit toward their combined weight on the Giant Scale.

The panel creates two teams: Jeff, Tempestt, Bizarre and Kelly versus Chastity, Young MC, Countess and Bruce. The panel appoints Chastity and Jeff as team Captains, despite Harvey's reservations about having Jeff leading one of the teams.

The battle for the grand prize begins as Jeff and Chastity are determined to lead their teams to victory as they will go head to head at future Fit Camp competitions and also put their fat-burning skills to the test - because the team which loses the most combined weight over the course of 100 days will take home the grand prize.

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