Full Episode Summary

The most dramatic episode with the biggest meltdown in Celebrity Fit Club history starts as the Celebrities arrive at their second Fit Camp only to discover Bizarre A.W.O.L and Jeff Conaway in a drug induced haze. Although Jeff says that he simply took two Benedryl, his slurred speech and inability to walk in a straight-line forces Dr. Ian to step in and evaluate Jeff to see if he is capable of participating in the events of the day. Already down one member with Bizarre missing, Kelly LeBrock and Tempestt Bledsoe are forced to deicide if Jeff should participate in the Fit Camp Challenge or if they should use only two members to compete against Chastity's' team in a Hawaiian style outrigger race.

Things go from bad to worse at the Weigh In Ceremony when Jeff has a violent meltdown before things even begin. Jeff throws his shoes across the room and explodes at Harvey after he asks Jeff to sit down so the show can begin. After things settle down, team names are announced. Chastity Bono introduces her team name as "Ebony Flame" and Jeff's announces that his team is named "Greased Lightning."

As the Celebrities weigh in with the panel to see how much weight they lost, faces light up as almost all of them either achieve or exceed their weight loss goals. But when Jeff steps on the scale, his temper flares up again as he argues with Kelly about Fit Camp and uses a litany of excuses to explain his lack of weight loss and erratic behavior. Finally, Chastity steps up and says what everyone is thinking: that Jeff is on drugs. And Harvey and the rest of the panel extend an offer of help.

At the Giant Scale, things don't look good for Greased Lightning, as Ebony Flame takes an early and sizable lead.

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