Full Episode Summary

At this week's Fit Club, things take a tragic turn when an out of control night of drinking and pills sends Jeff Conaway to the emergency room. The panel arranges an intervention with Dr. Drew Pinsky who has an eye-opening conversation with Jeff where he admits to being severely depressed and over-using several powerful prescription medications. Jeff then decides to check himself into a drug rehab center.

Meanwhile, this week's Fit Camp proves to be the most demanding challenge in Fit Club history, and three celebrities drop out even before the event begins. Dr. Ian decides that the challenge may be too demanding for Bruce, who is away taking a heart stress test. Countess has an anxiety attack and a work out warm up with Harvey gives Biz an asthma attack - leaving only four celebrities to face a muddy obstacle course sponsored by the United States Marine Corps called The Volkslauf.

The remaining celebrities hit the obstacle course and the obstacle course hits back - Chastity Bono struggles and almost quits for several minutes in an effort to climb over a giant cargo net, and then encounters even more resistance - falling off of a rope bridge into a mud filled trench.

The Weigh In Ceremony proves successful for some celebrities like Young MC who loses another eight pounds, and disappointing for others as Countess Vaughn actually gains weight over the past two weeks. However, Countess starts sharing her personal problems about her marriage with the panel, to explain her lack of focus on herself.

With Jeff Conaway gone indefinitely, Kelly LeBrock is appointed the new team captain in Jeff's absence, and a new celebrity steps in to take Jeff's place, weighing in with the panel for the first time.

After everyone has met with the panel and received their individual weight loss targets, ANT leads the celebrities outside to the Giant Scale to see which team is ahead in the battle to lose weight.

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