1. Date: 2/26/06

    Things come full circle as the celebrities find themselves at the field where it all began. Everyone is put to the test again to compare their fitness levels from the beginning of the series to...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 2/19/06

    73 days after his dramatic meltdown and visit to drug rehab, Jeff Conaway makes a tearful return to Fit Club. Jeff starts out by apologizing for his wild behavior, and breaks down in tears when he...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 2/12/06

    The team dynamics are tested first in a 10-mile bike race where Chastity Bono has to take on Gunnar Nelson once again, and Tempestt Bledsoe can't dog it. During the race, Biz gets an asthma...Read Full Summary

  4. Date: 1/29/06

    First the celebrities are given a series of intensive exercises by the Seal Beach lifeguards to help whip them into shape. While Gunnar Nelson gives it his all, Tempestt Bledsoe looks like she is...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 1/22/06

    During Countess Vaughn's tearful weigh in, Fit Club learns that she is going through a painful divorce and can't focus on her diet and exercise plans. Bizarre is caught on tape binging on...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 1/15/06

    At this week's Fit Club, things take a tragic turn when an out of control night of drinking and pills sends Jeff Conaway to the emergency room. The panel arranges an intervention with Dr. Drew...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 1/8/06

    The celebrities arrive at their second Fit Camp only to discover that Bizarre has gone A.W.O.L and Jeff Conaway looped out in a drug-induced haze. Although Jeff says that he simply took two...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 1/1/06

    Show Harvey some love, jog in place while you watch this marathon.