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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    See the powerful results from the day of Krav Maga and deleted scenes in this week's extras!

    Air Date: 3/30/08

  2.   Episode 4 Show Clips

    Drama erupts as the CFC teams are pushed to the limit in a Navy Seal challenge but someone's missing!

    Air Date: 4/03/08

Full Episode Summary

Dustin is a no-show for Fit Camp, and his team is not happy. Tina and Toccara get him on the phone, but find few clues to his reasons for abandoning them. Those who do report for duty find themselves in for a serious workout from Harvey. First they must dodge his water cannon on the beach to complete a rescue mission. Then later, he brings a Commando Krav Maga expert to teach life-saving secrets. But the Krav Maga expert is in for a surprise himself when he faces off in a well-matched challenge with Fit Club's own one-woman commando unit, Toccara.